ICM is a contingency based telecommunication consulting firm that assists with telecom auditing, reducing telecom costs, telecommunication auditing, telecom cost reduction and telecom expense management. Integrated Communications Management - Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester - New York (NY) ICM is a contingency based telecommunication consulting firm that can lower phone bills, provide call cost savings and phone call cost reduction, cell phone cost reduction and phone call savings. Your phone consultant will perform a phone bill audit, telecom bill audit and/or telecom/telecommunication audit as needed to get the greatest cost reduction in telecom expense through overcharge recovery, negotiation of telecom contracts, vendor selection and long-term telecom management. ICM - the best in phone bill auditing, telecom auditing, reducing telecom costs, telecommunication auditing and telecom cost reduction. As your expense reduction analyst, cost reduction consultant, overcharge recovery consultant and telecom expense management partner, ICM will give you the best business expense overhead reduction. Integrated Communications Management - Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester - New York (NY)
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"The beginning is the most important part of the work."

Invoice audit and analysis

Every project begins with a thorough analysis of the client’s current telecommunication invoices and system configuration. Through this audit process we are able to prepare a benchmark report. This report will show not only how much you are actually paying today on a per call basis, but it will also detail any billing errors.

This analysis will not only give us a clear picture of where you are today, but a firm starting point to help you prepare for where you would like to go tomorrow.

Recovery of funds

Industry analysts estimate that as many as 75% of telecommunication invoices contain errors. ICM has a proven track record of recovering such errors for our clients. If we are able to determine that our client has been overcharged for service, we contact the carrier to ensure that the proper rebates are issued.

Formal "Request For Proposal" (RFP)

Every client deserves to know what services are available. In order to accomplish this ICM will create a formal RFP to be sent to all carriers that may provide service. The biggest benefit to allowing ICM to manage this process is objectivity. Our proposal comparison report details every cost associated with each carrier in a clear and objective manner. This report allows the client to compare pricing side by side without having to worry about hidden charges.

Total Telecom Management (TTM)

Just as soon as you get it all figured out, things change. People are always coming and going and equipment never seems to be where you think it is. This is especially true with telecom. Our telecom management service ensures that when rates change, you are made aware.

The savings never stop for the client. All corporate accounts have sales reps, but their job is to sell, not to save. Sales reps are paid based on revenue and chances are good you have more than you need.